Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Poundmaker Freedom Book Drive

Blank Out Times has suggested a Poundmaker Freedom Book Drive.

I am a strong believer in philanthropy. I like to give money, time and effort to people who are doing things that really make the world a better place, or because I value their struggle.

With the Poundmaker situation, I think sending Money is great. But I also think that on the basis of what they are trying to achieve... that sending intellectual ammunition is also a pretty big arrow to put in their quiver.

[…] I would like to pledge an addition $25.00 to the $50.00 that the Blank Out Times has already contributed to the Poundmaker... but I would like the $25.00 to go towards the purchase of plain-language economics texts that would assist the Poundmaker in creating the tax-free zone that they are wanting to be recognized.

If we could pull off another $500.00 in contributions, I am sure that there are free-market think tanks in both the United States and Canada who would be interested in helping. I am also sure there are quite a few pro-laissezfaire organizations and institutions that would also kick in. We could also probably buy the books in bulk and save money.

[…] The best way to fight cronyism, waste, mismanagement and poor economic policy is for people whose lives are being badly impacted by such actions be well versed in whats going on.
And further
I've just emailed and talked with owners of Free-Market.net. They average a million hits a month for their news service. They will absolutley be happy to promote the Poundmaker cause. I guess what we need, is something similar to the blogging that Darcey and Lance, and Ian did. Someplace where people could donate, and there could be kept an honor role of contributors.
Any suggestions on how to help can be emailed to Blank Out Times — tiddlypum(AT)gmail.com — or The London Fog — thelondonfog(AT)hotmail.com.