Monday, May 16, 2005

"Politics of personal destruction"

"PM calls on Harper to resume respectful dialogue"

The fifth columnists are doing their best to help the Party to pull a Clinton, taking a cue from their fellow travelers in the American media.

The Liberals renewed calls for civility in the House of Commons after the prime minister urged the Conservatives to maintain a respectful dialogue amid so much uncertainty in the government.

Speaking during a campaign-style stop in Halifax earlier Monday, Prime Minister Paul Martin said there is a lack of respect and civility in the House of Commons.

"I think that anyone who watches question period would walk away shaking their heads," Martin said Monday after signing a multimillion-dollar child-care deal with Nova Scotia.

He blamed the Conservatives for creating a negative tone by accusing the Liberals of trying to play politics with the life of Tory MPs suffering from cancer.

"There prevails today a culture in Parliament in which reputations are casually smeared, and anger and personal insult are the rhetorical devices of choice.

"We've got to change this," he said.
From Sierra Times:
The Clintons coined the term "politics of personal destruction" to combat the seeming daily emergence of new charges against this criminal president and his equally criminal wife [...] This is a prime example of the liberal method of not answering the charges, but attacking the person making the charges.
...and of the media's willingness to go along with this inversion of reality and headline the thing "PM calls on Harper to resume respectful dialogue".

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Aaron said...

PMPM is trying to capitalize on Broadbent's moral high ground methinks.

Given the state of Liberal corruption, the high road ain't that high.