Thursday, May 12, 2005

Play the budget game — guess which shell is your money under?

… but you don't get to keep it even if you guess right.

London's Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco is pleased with the Ontario Liberals' budget — no surprise, she's one of 'em.

She specifically pointed to a partnership program that netted the city $13 million and the lucrative gas-tax program, both of which will continue.
[— London Free Press]
Well, sounds wonderful — like winning the lottery! But where do you think that money is coming from, Anne Marie? That's right, IT'S MY FREAKIN’ WALLET! [Thanks to Trodwell for that one.]

It doesn't matter who gets to spend that money — cities, provinces, Ottawa — and who collects it, it still comes from the same pockets. Passing around the bucks to whomever needs the electorate's goodwill from whomever needs some sort of official-level approbation at any given time amounts to a conman's shell game that completely distorts and disguises what had used to be the limits of governance permitted to jurisdictions by the rule of law and the constitution until electoral confusion and subsequent apathy made it permissible to change the rules. Who's in charge of housing, who's in charge of health care — who's on first, who's on second? It sure makes the job of shilling taxpayers easier when they think they're spending money on something over which the collecting jurisdiction has no actual authority. Anne Marie, stop treating us like idiots!