Saturday, May 28, 2005

Partisanship gone mad!

Non-partisan London Free Press thinker Chip Martin gets mail!

* ". . . a propaganda polemic on behalf of the Liberal/Socialist/criminal junta now in power in Canada . . ."

* "After reading your column I came to the conclusion that you: a) have no clue; b) liberal idiot; c) scary liberal idiot; c) (again) all of the above."

* "I sure wish some Canadian journalists would smarten up . . . a little common sense, man."

* "Your appointment to the Liberal Senate should arrive shortly."
Observes Chip,
There is plenty of anger and frustration out there among Conservatives. And it apparently doesn't take much to unleash it.
No, just little things like the subversion of Parliament to applause from fools with access to printing presses.