Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Operatives are standing by

Courtesy SDA:

Bill C-46: The Criminal Code of Canada:

119 (1)Every one who...(b) gives or offers, corruptly, to a person mentioned in paragraph (a) any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment in respect of anything done or omitted by him in his official capacity for himself or another person, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.
So how about you. How are you doing. Does the rule of law matter to you any more? There are a lot of stupid laws but this one makes sense, right? Should probably be enforced? Yes?

Yet another test of our national character and membership in the first world.

Mephistophelean audio of Liberal discussions with Gurmant Grewal.

And you want them to take care of your children so you don't have to.

Update: The fifth column -- listen to their questions, their voices, in the video of Grewal's scrum.

Here are the questions from the high achievers in the press gallery.

  • Why did you previously deny that you were approached? (Didn't you start the lies?)
  • How did you feel sitting there and going along with this and having all these meetings? (Really, when it comes down to it, you're just as guilty, aren't you?)
  • Do you have a tape recording? What kind of proof? (The obvious first question, one would think)
  • You taped them?!? Is that against the law? (Durrrr...)
  • Did you make them aware you were taping? Why not? (I have just arrived on planet Earth as the Zyviax Collective's foreign correspondent and am new to the basics of Hu-mon criminal culture.)
  • You talk about them sinking to a certain level, now you're taping them surreptitiously? (ie, you hypocrite)
  • On the phone or in your office? Did you invite them to your office? (Got to find a way to spin this to spread the muck around)
  • The Prime Minister said no offers have been made. Are you saying he's lying? How would you put it? (Would you characterize yourself as, say, angry about this in any way?)
  • You're accusing them of sinking to this, but now you're taping them? (My sense of proportion and moral clarity was destroyed by a university education, so what will your party do for me?)
  • If you said that you have a coup (?!? sic on my part, I'm sure!) -- YOU CANNOT -- (but he was gone.)

Update 2: Coyne commenter John A.
The penny just dropped for me the second time I listened to the tapes on the CTV website. The part where Murphy says he will talk to Volpe.

Is this about getting Volpe to withdraw his allegations before the RCMP about Grewal and his alleged bond-posting thing? Wow, interfering with the RCMP in an investigation by a Minister of the Crown and PMO. That could actually wake people out of their stupor.

Update 3:: An anonymous commenter informs the London Fog that GOPinion - an American online forum - has the entire unreleased recording HERE

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A great summary of the media bias in the case!