Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Oh, you're a rich bitch girl yeah, say money but it won't get you too far"

Well, Belinda's defection has sure got the Canadian blogosphere in a big tizzy today. Gosh, I even found myself much more partisan than I was willing to admit to myself, going into an undefinable funk for a good part of the day. It wasn't that she had ever convincingly demonstrated any adherence to ideas of conservatism, loyalty, honesty, public service, yada yada yada … it was just the way she seemed to jump ship so, well, mid-principle. Plus, I hate the Liberals. But it sure feels good to get a little invective off our frustrated chests, and she deserves pretty much everything she gets, best articulated by the indespensible Publius here and here. And passion, even evinced by name-calling, virtual tears, threats of separation, profanity and conspiracy theories, is preferable to Night of the Dead apathy.

But somewhere Jay is laughing at us amateur and naive partisans. Just imagine that an occupation whose basic requirements are an aptitude for pretending to know how other people should conduct their lives would attract much better than power-hungry bitches and bastards like moths to a flame. I'm not saying that there are not any honest politicians out there — I consider Stephen Harper and London's Paul Van Meerbergen to be examples, I think — but if less than 90% of the elected politicians at any level of government in this country aren't shameless trough-feeders who'll do anything to keep their snouts in our affairs at our expense, I would be surprised.

Aaaahhh… that's my better self talking. But enough of the high road — back to my usual enchantment with squalor. If the Conservatives can rid themselves of unprincipled opportunists like Stronach, even should it mean losing half their caucus, they may be eventually in a better position to fight a future election. Not on ethical grounds, which have demonstrably failed the test for at least half the electorate. The Conservatives need to remove themselves from the distraction of the questionable platform of faith in honesty in politics, which Canadians seem unlikely to fall for. What can resonate with Canadian voters, spending half or more than half their income in taxes, is a return to smaller government! Canadian voters are still marginally closer to American voters in spirit than the Europeans who have almost completely surrendered to primal authoritarian populism. Pull them back — give people a simple, resounding and sensible message and they might even deserve my vote. But if that message is there anymore, I don't know about it.


Publius said...

I'm actually listening to the Nina Simone version of that song as I type this.

MapMaster said...

Nina Simone did that? I'm afraid my musical knowledge is much more AM-pedestrian.

Anonymous said...

You're a moron conservative... nuff said -