Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Monte Solberg:

But the new and "improved" NDP are unapologetic for supporting the corrupt Liberals because the dippers GOT SOMETHING for Canadians. Do I really have to point out that for the NDP to get something for the people, that they first had to TAKE SOMETHING. In fact they would have to take something like $5.6 Billion from the public in order to give them back $4.6 Billion because the money first has to wash through a bureaucracy that simply can't be sated and through the sticky fingers of Liberals who can't be trusted.
is a funny guy:
Look we're happy that these Christians let us use their buildings to get married, baptised and buried, but getting involved in politics? Personally I think Christians are fine in their place, but when they expect that people will actually vote for them...well that is just downright uppity.

The Globe report even tied some of their kind to the promotion of traditional marriage! Where does this weirdness end? Will we soon be treated to the spectacle of people who pull vegetables out of the ground by the roots and then scald them in pots of boiling water?