Saturday, May 28, 2005


Yet another reason to buy a mac.

From Security and Privacy:
While browsing the Articles on, I came across a reference to another article on which is reporting that MSN's Longhorn will "feature" a new "security" enhancement. And what might this be?

Well, you won't be able to install another operating system alongside of Longhorn on your computer.

How exactly is this a "security feature?" According to MS Chief Jim Allchin, if your laptop gets stolen, no one will be able to install something like Linux to access the Window's data.

Ummm... Microsoft is being extremely deceptive in calling this a "security feature" in my opinion. It would be very easy for someone to simply remove the hard drive and mount it on an existing Linux system. In fact, that would likely be an easier thing to do than to try to install Linux on the stolen laptop.

So where exactly is the security? It would appear to me that instead of being a security feature, this is nothing more than an attempt by Microsoft to slow down the growth of Linux - especially with the number of folks who now have dual boot systems - both Windows and some other operating system on their PC's or laptops.

To claim that this is a security feature is more evidence that Microsoft isn't really interested in security at all. A security consultant that is truly interested in security isn't going to claim that cementing in your front door will make your house secure while trying to sell you a convenient sliding glass door at the back.

Really what Microsoft is doing is stop you from using your property the way you want to use it if you also choose to a licence to use their products. And they call that a "security feature." Not the kind of company I want to deal with.