Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Cup bad for the environment

The London Knights' victory might be good for the JLC, but it's bad for the environment. Hundreds of testosterone driven motorists spewed particulate and carbon monoxide laden exhaust as they headed downtown for no particular purpose other than to honk their horns and give the high five to other motorists, including those innocently headed home from a more enviromentally friendly pursuit.

Hockey costs us all. Please email your local MP to express your concerns.


Mike said...

Hours and hours of this nonsense, idiots drivin around honking and hooting. HOURS.

WTF is wrong with the people of London, where grown men uselessly sliding around on ice creates this kind of ape-in-a-banana-tree excitement?

Diagnosis: stupid.

Lisa said...

This evening, around 5:30, the fools are to parade around the downtown area, further disrupting the public peace.

And from today's crap press:

"Grown men and women were crying, and rightly so. The moment of triumph finally arrived after 40 years in the making. If ever there was a time for London to erupt with enthusiasm, this was it."

Stupid indeed.

Mike said...

Imagine these imbeciles flipping out and rioting over an blatantly crooked call by the umpire at a critical moment in the game -- you know it would happen, too.

But god forbid they take the subversion of Parliament one tenth as seriously as this bizarre identification with a bunch of people skating around in circles on an ice rink..