Tuesday, May 24, 2005

London make-work jobs being lost…

… and society soon to follow. Strangely, nobody will notice. According to the London Free Press, Londoners will now be unable to find employment without federal assistance despite the multitude of help-wanted signs all around town, and, worse yet, agency mandarins are so personally devastated they are retiring to their clubhouses and summer cottages in despair.

A $2.9-million federal funding cut will hurt more than 2,400 people a year trying to get jobs and lead to layoffs of 55 service workers in London, local business and employment leaders warn.

[…] "The ultimate effect will be devastating," council co-chairperson Anne Langille said. People who could have found work will instead be on social assistance and employers will have a hard time finding employees, she said.

The cuts have been so devastating they prompted the executive director of Goodwill Industries, Bill Stewart, to retire in September, a half year before he had planned.
The Free Press reporter haplessly and unblinkingly repeats the standard social agency push-button scares delivered to him in a form letter:
Youths, immigrants, disabled people, natives, women hoping to re-enter the workforce and would-be entrepreneurs will get much less help, if any, because of new rules limiting access to employment services, the London and Middlesex Employment Sector Council says.
Just like government jobs posted on the HRDC website, white males need not apply or even aspire to generic media sympathy for their unemployed status.

The 55 service workers shouldn't be too hard-pressed to find new employment marketing their ration-line empathy and assembly-line placement and training skills in a country where 50% of the economy is controlled by the government. I would suggest the up-and-coming child care industry.
Complicating matters, Belinda Stronach has landed in [the ministry of human resources and skills development] after defecting from the Tories last week.
Every gift has a price tag…