Saturday, May 28, 2005

A kleptocrat's dilemma…

…do we like terrorist autocrats or just plain terrorists better?

Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew says he wants to "wait and see" how the banned terrorist group Hamas fares in upcoming Palestinian elections before condemning their political participation in the key July vote.

[…] On the eve of Mr. Abbas's visit to Ottawa, Mr. Pettigrew was less critical of the role of Hamas in the upcoming elections. "They've done well in a few municipal elections. I am told these are not necessarily typical of the whole situation. So let's wait and see how things develop," he said.

Prime Minister Paul Martin is expected to announce a modest aid package, to coincide with Mr. Abbas's arrival today, that will bolster Canadian aid to "good governance" initiatives aimed at strengthening the Palestinian Authority and the economic well-being of Palestinians."
[National Post, subscription required]
So while the Australians seem to be learning that appeasement doesn't pay, Canadians are paying for appeasement. Is this what Paul Martin meant when he said that
We will set the standard by which other nations judge themselves?