Wednesday, May 18, 2005


The choicest words of the day on the subject of Canada's descent into the company of third-rate socialist backwaters. These writers are civil in the technical sense of the word, but they are hoppin' mad — and good on 'em.

From Andrew Coyne, Proof there are no more rules:

I had thought the feeling of nausea that washed over me at the news was one of disgust. I now realize it was vertigo. The bottom has fallen out of Canadian politics. There are, quite literally, no rules any more, no boundaries, no limits. We are staring into an abyss, where everything is permissible.

Those exquisites in the press gallery who were so scandalized at the suggestion that the Liberals would stoop to scheduling the budget vote around Darrel Stinson’s cancer surgery might now have the decency to admit: of course they would. It should be clear to everyone by now that this government -- this prime minister -- will go to any length to assure their survival in power. And I do mean any.
Bang! The first nail…

And from Mark Steyn, A Constitutional Coup:
But the fact remains: by any understanding of our system of government, if the effect of “an extra week’s delay” is to maintain themselves in power by one vote they otherwise would not have had, it’s hard to see this as anything other than a constitutional coup. Like Robert Mugabe, Paul Martin has simply declared that the constitution is whatever he says it is.
Bang!! The second nail…

And the best is last, from Occam's Carbuncle who may yet resurrect the dying breed of Canadian individualists, De profundis (or somewhere near there):
Paul Martin is not my Prime Minister. The Liberal government is not my government. They govern Trudeaupia, the Liberal socialist empire that has draped itself, cloying and parasitic, over my once proud Canada. I will pay my taxes to Trudeaupia on pain of imprisonment, but that is all. They get nothing else from me. When the Liberals use the word "Canada", they take it in vain. Hear only "Trudeaupia" when they say it. When they talk about "Canadian values", they speak of abominable Trudeaupian assumptions and deceptions. Where they and their ugly Trudeaupian ideals are, there Canada is abased. What shame they bring is not Canada's shame. What lies they tell are not the debt of Canada to repay. They are a nation apart, a dominion of ignominy. They would claim Canada for their own, but it belongs to us. It's our birthright. Between the two true solitudes, there is no dual citizenship. I am a Canadian. Which country will you choose?
BANG!!! Now, let's put that fetid decomposing corpse in the coffin.