Friday, May 20, 2005

Kanashibari again

Is civility meaningful when civil society is stolen from us? Kevin Michael Grace is not too, um, circumspect about what's been going on lately.

There was no dignity in this death. The soul was long departed, and the body, long moribund, was dispatched by a feckless groupie and a gum-chewing hippy. The gravedigger, Paul Martin, delivered the funeral oration; his Liberal jackals shrieked in triumph and gnawed the corpse. At the wake, groupie Belinda pouted and preened and dreamed of fresh tricks and cosmetic surgery. Hippy Chuck was absent, having slunk back home, himself to die — appropriate, and, appropriately enough, in Surrey, the national anus.

There is a great deal of ruin in a nation — but not an infinite amount. And by 19 October 2005, it could no longer be denied that Canada was used up, sucked dry, finished. On this day, the Liberals effaced the last vestige of Parliamentary sovereignty and destroyed thereby what little remained of Canada's legitimacy, legal and moral. On this day, the Liberals revealed the condition to which they — and their Mulroneyite Conservative allies — had reduced Canada. After this day, it can no longer be denied that Canada is a gangster state whose sole animating principles are bribery, blackmail and theft. Whose sole remaining purpose is to continue pumping the lifeblood that provides vampiric sustenance to the Liberal Party, its oligarchic masters and its parasitic rainbow coalition that marches to the polls on election days, delighted to have traded our birthright for a mess of social programs.

Let the Liberals laugh. They'll be crying soon enough. That they have defiled everything noble about this country is of no account in English Canada, but the Québécois nation, a once phantom polity fomented by Liberal cynics as the most successful of its bribery-blackmail schemes, has become a real nation and has developed a self-respect that English Canadians can only envy. The Québécois will not forget Adscam; they will not forgive their humiliation at the hands of capo Chrétien and capo Martin. The Parti Québécois will be returned to power by 2008. It will call a third and final sovereignty referendum: neither money, the ethnic vote or the furious efforts of the quisling federalist class will prevent a Yes vote this time.

And that will be the formal end of Canada. The Liberals will demand we weep, but those of us who knew and loved the Old Canada will have no tears left.
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