Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's all Walmart's fault

Bruce from Autonomous Source provides a picture of Parliament Hill from today - the day after the house demanded the government step down. Is there hope for Canadians still?

Nope. A governmental crisis in Canada is an invitation for lobby groups to increase their demands. In other words, groups like this are willing to overlook theft and corruption, as long as their own interests are served. The angered Canadians shown in the above picture are milk producers, demanding consumers be milked even more dairy product import restrictions.

In other union news, CUPE launches an Jehovah Witness style pamphlet attack against Walmart. Members of the CUPE union are paying for the printing of "Mal-Mart Coupons", which were recently distributed to shoppers. Hopefully Walmart has a policy against soliciting.
The protesters plan to hand out “Mal-Wart Coupons” to raise awareness among Wal Mart shoppers about the sorts of brutality that go into those cheap prices.

Wal Mark [sic] recently closed down the first of its stores to unionize in Jonquière Québec. The company has a long history of union busting an [sic] exploitation of child and slave labour in the Third World.

Here where it sells its products, it engages in predatory pricing to drive local stores out of business and then often moves out of town, turning small towns into ghost towns.

In Ottawa, greeters will be handing out coupons from 10:00 am to 12:00pm at the Wal-Mart on 1360 Richmond Rd., Ottawa..
Hope their pamphlets were better written than their article. Unfortunate recipients of the coupons might want to check the data provided.


Mike said...

I hear the Blacksmith's Guild is going to be holding "Ye Olde Proteste" next moon.

I think they should sell their anvils and live in economic reality like the rest of us, instead of selling their votes to politicians so that the rest of us have to pay inflated prices for their crap.

David said...

Well, Wal-mart stores in China have been allowed to unionize. Of course this came after the ChiComs threatened not only to close every single Wal-mart store, but also refuse to sell the company products made in their country which would have impacted around 80% of their "crap."

MapMaster said...

If CUPE was in China, they wouldn't be protesting for freedom and human rights, they would be protesting against the encroachment of the free market.