Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In other news, the Liberals won the latest byelection…

Do legal firms donate heavily to the Liberals just to hedge their bets that favour gently caresses the cheeks and behinds of donors to the continuing natural and moral governing party of Canada? Or, like the Democrats, are the Liberals ideologically compatible with the innate law-breeding inclinations of lawyers? Probably both, in that lawyers love laws, and that from a strictly mercenary position it pays to be on the winning side. In return, the Liberals might need all the legal help they can get…

From AGWN:

The funds [from the so-called trust fund the party has set up to pay back stolen money] will be managed by the Ottawa law firm of Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP. The trustees have been directed to disburse the funds based on a decision of the National Executive of the LPC, to be made at the conclusion of the Gomery Inquiry and if necessary for further clarity, the criminal and civil actions related to the Sponsorship Program. Any decision of the National Executive with respect to reimbursement of these funds, and the rationale for it, will be made public.

Donations from Perley-Robertson:
  • $2,248,31 to the Liberal Party in 1993
  • $168.24 to the Liberal Party in 1994
  • $1,479.63 to the Liberal Party in 1995
  • $46,161.68 to the Liberal Party in 1997 (Wow!)
  • $7,916.78 to the Liberal Party in 1998
  • $3,991.20 to the Liberal Party in 2000
  • $3,806.00 to the Liberal Party in 2001
  • $289.00 to the [Canadian Alliance] in 2002
  • $5,212.70 to the Liberal Party in 2002
  • $1,000.00 to the [Canadian Alliance] in 2003
  • $4,214.70 to the Liberal Party in 2003
[…] given the ethical sensitivities at play with everything to do with the Sponsorship Program, I am surprised that no one thought at the PMO that the law firm selected to manage the trust fund should be one that has had no significant links to the Liberal Party.

But here is the scary thought — what if they thought that would be a good idea, but couldn't find such a law firm?
More bad news… Kroll accountants, brought in to look over the Sponsorship Program accounting, have identified $2 million in cheques going into the Liberal Party's coffers — and that doesn't include the cash. But they're not that greedy — the profit margins turn out to be only slightly higher:
The total amount of money lost in the sponsorship scandal now appears to be $355 million — more than $100 million than was originally thought.

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The Mayor said...

Yeehawwwwww....it's goin' up like the gun registry!

It's $350 million right now....we still have until January to get the whole *truth*.