Friday, May 27, 2005

A human rights violation of the highest order

Even Emily Murphy wasn't this monstrous.
Three judges in Bali's District Court found the 27-year-old "legitimately and convincingly" guilty of smuggling 4.1kg of marijuana, concealed in a bodyboard bag, into Bali airport in October.

Amid wild scenes in the packed courtroom and as millions watched in disbelief in Australia, three judges found Corby guilty on the primary charge of smuggling drugs.

While they could have sentenced Corby to life behind bars, the judges imposed a lesser sentence after taking into account her age, her good behaviour in the trial and her clean record.

But chief prosecutor Ida Bagus Wiswantanu, who had asked for a life sentence, immediately denounced the sentence as "not enough" and declared he would appeal.
These scumbags originally wanted the death penalty.
The three judges dismissed all the defence testimony, including the evidence of Victorian prisoner and accused rapist John Patrick Ford, which they rejected as hearsay. Ford had said he overheard fellow prisoners discussing an airport drug scam, and how Corby had been an innocent dupe. But Judge I Gusti Lanang Dauh said: "The acts of the defendant can damage the mental health of the young generation."
The simple possession of a plant that is freely desired by people is met with no tolerance and a prison term of 20 years, yet the bureaucrats must be protected at all costs - even though they are the fucking criminals:
Foreign Minister Alexander Downer urged the public not to let its concern about the conviction spill over into a backlash against Indonesians.

"Indonesian staff should not be threatened, Indonesian government officials should not be abused or threatened," Mr Downer said.

"To do that type of thing is entirely counter-productive."
I'm seriously mad here.

Update: Publius Pundit covers the story:
Here’s what justice is like in Indonesia:

Dictator Soeharto, thief of $40 billion and killer of 500,000, the man of The Year Of Living Dangerously’s rivers that ran red with blood in 1966, gets a mild ailment in his dotage, sending him to the hospital and everyone in the supposed new reformasi democrasi government is at the old dictator’s side, wishing him well, bringing him flowers.

Worse yet, the vile Abu Bakar Bashir, one of the world’s foulest terrorists, a man in the same league as bin Laden, Zarkawi, Hambali, Zawahri and Granda, got all of two and a half years’ jail for murdering 200 mostly Australian tourists on Bali three years ago.

What the hell does that say about Indonesian justice? 20 years for pot, 2 years for the worst terrorist mass massacre since 9/11? Twenty year sentences for Australians who damage Bali by bringing in pot, 2 year sentences for Indonesians who kill Australians by blasting them away with bombs? It’s obvious some kind of injustice is going on, even if Schapelle Corby is as guilty as they come.

How sad it all is. Indonesia is such a weak state that its citizens can feel nothing but rage and resentment against Australians. The kinder the Australians are to them, the angrier the Indonesians feel. Indonesians are proud people with the world’s oldest continuous civilization and simply can’t compete with the material superiority of Australia. They can’t reciprocate. They can only hope to earn tourist dollars, living off their past. The weakness of state means the citizens can neither be sincere nor grateful. Bali was bombed. Australians returned to the island instead of move on to safer spots out of compassion for the Balinese, most of whom work in the tourism industry. Sumatra’s west coast was wiped off the face of the earth. Australians handed them blood (nine dead on Nias) and treasure ($1 billion in aid) to take care of their neighbor in need. When Indonesia tried to save itself from the IMF through dollarization, only Australia stood by its side back in 1998 while the whole world opposed them. Meanwhile, Australia provides countless scholarships to Indonesians and opens its doors to Indonesian immigrants. It gets bomb blasts at its embassy in Jakarta - unsolved of course, unlike Schapelle’s case - in return.


basil said...

Foreign Minister "Mr Downer" indeed.

sixlegged said...

There was a movie about that... Brokedown Palace. But at least we have Texas judges to make up for extreme punishment for victimless crimes. They tend to wage vigilante wars on drugs using taxpayer dollars, and then get popped for shooting and peddling methamphetamine. It's always a great pleasure to see these people's lives destroyed after locking people up for decades, that taxpayers like me have to pay for!

Anonymous said...

Publius Pundit

MapMaster said...

Publius Pundit for the permalink. The Australians are showing some pluck these days — it seems they've found out that autocracies just swallow up good intentions and spit them back at the giver.