Friday, May 6, 2005

How many councillors does it take to change a light bulb?

In order to answer this question, a series of closed door meetings, a task force and public input is obviously necessary. DeCicco said, "Those are pretty fundamental questions and people have to think these issues through." Indeed they do - just imagine the lost revenue to the city if the lights went out at the JLC!

The London councillor who led the push for a smaller council says he doubts changes will ever be made.

Coun. Fred Tranquilli made the comment last night after council, meeting as a committee, was unable to decide on any key issues about council size after two hours of debate.

The only common ground found was to ask the public for input on four options at a May 18 meeting.

[. . ]A number of motions were debated, defeated or abandoned, including a call from Coun. Roger Caranci to set up a task force, another to keep board of control and one to keep the status quo.

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco then brought the debate to an end with a motion to go to the public.
Worried that the trough money might be in short supply, Concerned the city might end up in total darkness, board of control member Tom Gosnell
. . appealed to council to drop the issue, saying the public simply wants better government.

"This council and the structure is the envy of every other council in the country," Gosnell said.

"(The public wants change) because the last council wasn't effective, efficient, responsible or accountable. They just want us to get our act together."
Baechler disagrees:
"It was a mandate for this council and not something to be deferred for another council to decide," Baechler said.
Poverty activists around the city were sighted huddling around flaming barrels in hopes that council, under the guidance of Susan Eagle, would reserve funds to buy light bulbs for the city's needy.

Representatives from London Hydro are expected to attend the next closed door session. The complexities of various light fixtures and the advantages of frosted bulbs vs. clear bulbs as well as the value of energy efficient bulbs are to be discussed.