Monday, May 30, 2005

Hard to see how this will improve anything…

… but it will prolong the existence of justification for some bureaucrats for a little while now. Given Maryantonett Flumian's record as Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Firearms Centre at the Department of Justice — the friendly Gun Registry folk — better check your pocket lint for more federal taxes soon. Centralization and decentralization at the same time? These bureaucrats do work wonders! Another responsibility-shuffling diversion from the HRDC:

On Monday, Maryantonett Flumian will take up a position as the DM responsible for Service Canada, which is a massive initiative to centralize 'customer service' functions in a single organization, while decentralizing the adminstration to various regional centers.

It is a major project, and at present no minister is directly accountable for it, because it is shared across multiple departments — as is the budget. There is no real plan, just the idea of simplifying contact for citizens. Money has been spent to build the minister's office, but no minister yet.
[Via SDA, via an email tip]
I expect Basil to offer suitable commentary on the new DM's name.