Sunday, May 29, 2005

Get your fingers out of my cookie jar!

Thanks to a tip from SDA, I've discovered a newly created Canadian Taxpayers Federation Blog, "Fighting for Taxpayers", which focuses on government waste and corruption.

CTF points out the following article:

Prime Minister Paul Martin defended his recent social spending spree Thursday as part of the "cold arithmetic" necessary to keep his minority Liberal government alive, but promised business leaders he's not about to steer Canada back into deficit.

A week after narrowly surviving a tense budget vote in the House of Commons, Martin was in Toronto to take on critics of the $4.6-billion budget agreement he forged with the New Democrats that allowed the Liberals to avoid a spring election.

[..] "Canadians sent us to Ottawa with a minority government, and a minority government means that you work with the opposition. That's not just some quaint political tradition, it's a matter of cold arithmetic."

Martin agreed to amend the budget to include $4.6 billion in spending over five years on affordable housing, the environment, foreign aid and education in exchange for the support of the NDP's 19 members during the Commons vote last Thursday.

Those areas are all "consistent" with the budget's original and continued priorities, he said.

"I know there are some people in this room who won't agree with that approach, who think I should simply cut taxes deeply and walk away from investments that might seem expensive, like affordable child care or the evironment," Martin said.

"That may be a legitimate point of view, but it is not mine."

[..] Martin refused to linger after his speech to talk about whether the Liberals would entertain a possible NDP proposal for a long-term deal for continued support.

Under such an agreement, the New Democrats would seek a handful of further concessions from the Liberals, including commitments to electoral reform and protection for pensioners, a party spokesman said Wednesday.
Why bother tampering with the electoral system when complancency can be bought for $25 million an hour. Here is a breakdown of the bribes in pdf format.

Update: London's share of the loot thus far:
London Food Bank: $45,000
Street Connection: $149,563
Alleviating Homelessness: $429,847