Saturday, May 28, 2005

Flaming Idiots

Billy Beck:

Now, of course, idiocy is nothing new. The world is rife with it, and always will be. What fascinates me is the particular turns that it takes at any given moment in history. What I wonder is how anyone more than a hundred years into everyday use of petroleum products could possibly be ignorant of the implications of an act like this. The fact that gasoline is explosive is well-established beyond the insinuations of post-modern philosophy -- there really is a reality "out there", which is perfectly impervious to human whim -- and it astounds me that this fact can be lost on anyone not tramping around in the deepest bush naked and howling at the moon for sustenance.

We're talking about people who don't know what life is or how to conduct it.

And these creatures are expected to pass judgment on political matters at polls.

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lance said...

Hmmm. Rather then petrol, different elements fluoresce different colours. They should have used neon. Much easier on the body.


BTW, the link is borken, missing an 'h'.