Sunday, May 29, 2005

Flaming Idiots - Part II

Pot activists these days are an embarrasment and a hindrance to those trying to fight governmental interference into the lives of peaceful individuals. Bedding down with the Liberals and the NDP will only land you in the medical ward, along with the fatties and the smokers.

From an article printed today by the LFP which makes pot smokers sound ridiculous:

A poetic pot activist rhymed out his reasons for battling Canada's marijuana laws at a rally yesterday as the Gus Macker basketball tournament roared in the background.

"There's a little poem I've got, that makes a case for pot. Though a poet I am not, I've given this much thought. Is there hard data? A lot. What's pot's greatest danger? Getting caught," rhymed Hamilton cabbie and pot activist Chris Lawson as a handful of protesters looked on.

The demonstrators said they were responding to the London police's "misguided efforts" to shut down the Hippy Sanctuary and "targeting mom-and-pop grow-ops."

[..] Lawson, a cabbie, writes poems about marijuana -- with titles such as, In Our Very Hearth and Soul, It Seems, We have a Pot-Shaped Hole -- and recites them at pro-pot rallies and to the fares he picks up.

Yesterday's rally, planned for Victoria Park, moved to the well-trimmed lawn of London Life, then to the Peace Garden at the Forks of the Thames.

Lawson said he smokes marijuana to ease chronic back pain, as well as to soothe his asthma symptoms and to help his appetite and sleep.

"Outside of marijuana use, I'm not a criminal," said another rally participant, Nathan Ouellette. "The transparency of pot laws is becoming more and more apparent the more we talk about it."

His friend, Claude Lebeau, said the federal government should legalize pot and pocket the profits.

"Regulate it like tobacco and alcohol, because it is a mind-altering drug," Lebeau said. "It would be a huge boon for the government."
I paraphrase: "Tax me - I'm an idiot. The prices on the black market are too low and the weed too potent. I believe the extra revenue could be spent on public awareness campaigns and treatment programs."


Claude said...
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Claude said...

Don't paraphrase. I said exactly what I meant. The government should legalize it, and regulate it. Policing it as a criminal activity will NEVER stop it, just as with other illegal substances. Cannabis is the least harmful of illegal drugs I know about, and is certainly less harmful than 99% of LEGAL drugs.
There are many studies that show the medical benefits of its use. I personally know several people with various afflictions that use it to get by. Cancer, AIDS, Crohn's, glaucoma, arthritis to name just a few. You should not speak out of ignorance, nor should you quote someone and "paraphrase" them without actually speaking with them to find out if what was printed is accurate.
For the record, that article is biased, as the reporter edited and included only what they wanted to print.
What I actually said was that it would be a boon for the economy, not the government.
Misquotes abound in the media. Learn before you speak, lest you yourself be dubbed a "Flaming Idiot"...