Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dog Wash

Keep in mind while reading this article that the Canadian government donated tons of our money to the tsunami relief fund. Are the Liberals eligible for a refund - but perhaps the cash never left the coffers in the first place?

The international medical relief agency Médecins sans Frontières is tracking down hundreds of thousands of donors worldwide to its Asian tsunami appeal and offering them their money back.

Hundreds of Australians have asked for $93,000 of refunds after the charity told them it had four times the €20 million it needed to fund its response to the Boxing Day disaster.

They refused the charity's offer to redirect their donations to lower profile crises such as in Sudan or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. One of the Australian donations handed back was for $50,000.

The charity's president, Rowan Gillies, said it was ethically compelled to contact every donor of the excess €83 million ($138 million) and offer to redirect their money or return it.

In Australia, the charity closed its tsunami appeal after only three days, to try to avoid this kind of oversubscription. But it still raised $2.5 million, three-quarters of which cannot be used in the tsunami zone.
HT: Von Mises Blog