Friday, May 27, 2005

Das ewige Christentum

Well, this top headline sure jumped out at me from the front page of the Globeobachter as we got bureks in the Market this morning.

Christian activists capturing Tory races

I'm not a Christian, but I'm sick of the stereotypes and innuendo they have to put up with these days. Could any other diversity sector's political engagement be discussed as if it were a rash? From the top:

Christian activists have secured Conservative nominations in clusters of ridings from Vancouver to Halifax -- a political penetration that has occurred even as the party tries to distance itself from hard-line social conservatism.
"activists" "secured" "clusters" "penetration" "distance itself" "hard-line".

Update: Courtesy NealeNews, here's a less artful example, topped off with a quote from John Lennon's "The Imaginternationale".


John Downing said...

Sorry the link doesn't meet with your artistic approval. Feel free to remove it anytime.

Mike said...

artful: not straightforward or candid; giving a false appearance of frankness.

MapMaster said...

Grandinite suggests substituting the word "Jew" or "Muslim" for "Christian," and see how well that would go over.

basil said...

I can't say someone claiming to represent the will of God scares me any less than those who still read that unemployable bourgeois reject who claimed to have divined the economic future of humanity. I wish they'd all get off my case and go to hell or the gulag - which ever version of eternal torment they have invented for themselves.