Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cry one-tier for me

"Look, I got a health-care premium out of that guy!"

Dalton McGuinty is openly cautioning Ontarians not to have high expectations for health-care access. According to the London Free Press, he was in Stratford yesterday to pimp for the new "Ontario health-care teams," a glorified euphemism for walk-in clinics unaccompanied by any explanation of how these "teams" will actually benefit consumers when practising doctors remain in shortage. New names may give the appearance that the provincial Liberals are doing something innovative, but even the premier doesn't really seem to think so:
"Ontarians have to reconcile themselves there will always be huge financial pressures on our health-care system," he warned.
Ontarians also have to reconcile themselves they will not be permitted any alternatives to our health-care system.


Publius said...

Look, Medicare is like a religion. Except most religions have better music and decor. Also, they promise you heaven when you die. That's a definite commitment. No Liberal government would ever risk making a definite commitment on anything.

MapMaster said...

And religions promise to make dying more comfortable, unlike passing away in the hallways of a hospital waiting for a bed.

Mike said...

"Our" health care system?

Shurely you mean, the privately run monopoly health care system.

MapMaster said...

Just placing the emphasis on the first minister's own words.