Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Crumpets and Toast with David Peterson

David Peterson, whom you may recall was recently appointed - for the bargain rate of only $1000 a day - to discuss gambling revenue with First Nations, is back in the news as the message boy for Martin and Strumpet:

Peterson was relaxing in his ''dirty red sweatsuit'' at his farm in Caledon, Ont., when Stronach called. She confided she was ''at a crossroads'' and considering all her options, including quitting politics.

''So I just suggested there are many options here and one is to join the Liberals,'' Peterson told The Canadian Press.

Stronach didn't commit, but was clear that she was open to the idea.

Peterson immediately called Tim Murphy, Martin's chief of staff, who was once chief of staff to one of Peterson's ministers.

Murphy called the prime minister at his farm in Quebec's Eastern Townships, to tell him Stronach might cross the floor.

A Liberal insider says Martin found the news intriguing and called Stronach ''a person of obvious quality.''

Peterson and Stronach talked by phone several times Saturday, then met Sunday at her home in Aurora, Ont.

Peterson acted as intermediary, keeping Murphy updated as a deal started to gel.

''I was the only one talking to either side and I saw the possibility here,'' he said.

In the midst of the negotiations, Stronach attended a campaign training session for Conservative candidates, where election strategy and the Tory platform were discussed.
That's really dirty, but I've come to expect no less of politicians. Principles are of no importance when it comes to getting a bigger portion of the trough.

HT: Nealenews