Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Communications consulting contract?

Is it just me, or are Party supporters much more active in comments on the big Canadian blogs in these post-Parliamentary days? (WS, SDA, AC)

Anything interesting about those IPs, guys?

Update: Read the comments on Coyne's post about Paris Stronach. If you do, I recommend following up with a cleansing ritual to restore your obligatory belief in universal suffrage.

  1. Turn off this computer and unplug all electrical devices in your house.

  2. Light one incense stick. If you can afford it, light it with a burning $50 bill.

  3. Go into your asana.

  4. Your mantra is, "One man one vote om".

  5. Remain focussed on this mantra until the incense is gone.

  6. As the incense sputters out you will have regained oneness with the Party in the samsara of taxing, spending, kickbacks, and grants. From the deepest wellsprings of your being you will realize what you have always known; that there is no "you" in universality.

  7. Bring your elevated and moderate tone back into the public discourse.