Sunday, May 8, 2005

Caution! Warning ahead!

"People make mistakes, but they shouldn't have to pay with their lives — and that's the cost of making a mistake with a train," said [Councillor Bill Armstrong].
Trans. "People make mistakes, but everybody else should have to pay with their money — and that's the cost of living in London."

From the London Free Press: Councillor Armstrong is pushing for the erection of pedestrian barriers at a railway crossing in London after
Kevin David Seaman, 38, was killed April 12 after he was hit by a Canadian National train while cycling across the tracks at [Hale and Trafalgar].

[…] Police say Seaman rode around the street barriers, apparently to try and beat the train.
Undeterred by people pointing out the folly of trying to eliminate idiocy, Armstrong continued by rejecting the suggestion that a barrier is a waste of money if an overpass is to be built at the intersection.
"We could just remove the equipment and put it at another crossing," Armstrong said.

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Anonymous said...

"... the folly of trying to eliminate idiocy..."

Usually true, but the effort to eliminate idiocy from the ranks of our elected governors should not really be considered folly.

Futile, perhaps, but not folly.