Friday, May 20, 2005

But I want my bread and circuses for free!

Disheartened by the Federal scene, I decided to check up on the municipality of London. I'm not cheering up here.

A new $2 parking fee at Storybook Gardens is "chintzy" and threatens the public's access to Springbank Park, says a former president of the Urban League of London.

People visiting the children's theme park on Victoria Day weekend will be greeted by signs explaining they must pay $2 into a meter.

It will spit out a ticket allowing them to park in the large lot beside Storybook Gardens.

The new pay-and-display system begins today.

"It's pretty disappointing and chintzy," said Gloria McGinn-McTeer of the Urban League, calling the charge taxation "in the form of user fees."
Oh my God! Just imagine that! Asking people to pay for what they use! How unfair.
Coun. Susan Eagle, whose Ward 1 includes the park, said the parking fee is a "silly" idea that may cause the city headaches.

Eagle opposed the fee when it was suggested at a budget session this year.

"I just thought it was silly, hard to enforce and it sends the wrong message to people."
We wouldn't want people thinking they should receive what they earn and can afford, as trough crawlers like Eagle might be out of a job.
The parking fee is expected to raise about $15,000 in revenue.

[. .] Once customers pay the fee, they receive a $2 voucher with their admission fee to pay for rides or merchandise.

[. .] Storybook Gardens underwent a $7-million facelift and opened to rave reviews in July 2003.
Silly indeed.