Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Blog World's Version of the CBC

Happy Jack Layton gets a paid advertisement from Rabble:

An editorial in The Globe and Mail refers to it as a “tawdry deal with Jack Layton's New Democrats.” A national columnist (John Ibbitson, The Globe and Mail) refers to the Liberals selling “their souls and their budget to the NDP�” Another columnist (Andrew Coyne, National Post) writes “The spending discipline that was promised in February was stuffed in a $4.6-billion envelope and passed to the NDP.” So is Jack Layton taking that money home with him or is it public money that will be used to provide programs that many Canadians want?

That same editorial goes on to say, scornfully, “Thanks to last night's vote, the NDP will get its wish list fulfilled, and the public purse will be $4.6-billion lighter.”

But there are other opinions about this budget.

“It's not perfect, but it is the best federal budget we have seen in the last thirty years,” said Andrew Jackson, National Director of Social and Economic Policy for the Canadian Labour Congress. “The significant increases in social investment will promote a more equal, prosperous and sustainable society and must survive partisan positioning.”

Notable improvements include smarter investment in child care, urban and environmental infrastructure and labour training, said Jackson, adding that the overall revised budget more accurately reflects the priorities of working families.

[..] Russell said that the government would have sufficient resources to pay for all of the new spending outlined in the government's original budget, as well as the $4.6 billion in new measures, with room left over. The analyses of all of the independent forecasters engaged by the House of Commons Finance Committee indicate that this additional spending could be accommodated without incurring a deficit. brought to you courtesy of the taxpayer.
The Catholic Civil Rights League today called on Aileen Carroll, Minister of International Cooperation, to review the funding relationship between CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and, an e-zine whose current edition features a strongly anti-Catholic cartoon caricature of Pope Benedict XVI. In the animated cartoon, the pope repeatedly marches to a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then gives a Nazi salute with the caption "Heil Mary.", published by well-known Canadian feminist Judy Rebick, is a project of Alternatives, a Montreal-based NGO funded by CIDA. One World Canada, also a project of Alternatives, is a partner of Rabble. However circuitous the route, at least some taxpayers' money appears to be going to this publication.

In its letter to Mrs. Carroll, CCRL stated, "The league does not believe that any public money should be directed to a publication that freely insults Catholics, or indeed any other identifiable group. No matter how small the amount involved may be, it is unacceptable. We urge you to review this funding relationship."

To express your concerns to Minister Carroll email:
Where's the London Fog's share of the loot? Swallowed up by the rabble as usual.

HT to Nealenews for the story.