Friday, May 20, 2005

Allan Riddell dresses up for Halloween

Highway 401 provides an update on Allan Riddell, the former potential Tory candidate for the Ottawa-South riding. Allan, you'll fondly remember, is the man who recently threatened Mader Blog with a lawsuit over a year old post. Believing that the universe revolves around his political aspirations - although scant information is available on the man - Riddell and his cronies attempt to subject bloggers to higher standards of accuracy than the mainstream press.

Apparently, he has now decided not to run, although a radio interview caught by CharLeBois indicates that he was rejected by the party.

Allan Riddell just finished telling his side of the story to All in a Day on CBC Radio Ottawa. The reason, he says, that the Party denied his nomination was because 25 years ago, when he was 17, he dressed up at Halloween in a Colonel Klink costume. Colonel Klink was a Nazi character in the TV show Hogan's Heroes. He's obtained letters from various prominent Jewish leaders saying the costume shouldn't be taken into account (this guy's all about the letters!) and is currently in his 2nd appeal of the decision made by the committee that reviews all nominations.
Rumour has it Allan Riddell dressed up as a giant bone one year too.