Tuesday, April 12, 2005

When RCMP get the munchies they go see Joe "the Bagman"

A column by Greg Weston, of the Ottawa Sun, gives new meaning to those old "Bank of Canada" fifty dollar bills with the circle of Mounties on them:

In the latest episode of Desperate House Lies, Paul Martin's government has announced it is calling in the Mounties to find out who stole all the stolen sponsorship money otherwise intended for the Liberal Party in Quebec.
"Who stole the stolen money we stole!?!"
This will no doubt bring welcome relief and warming reassurance to Canadian taxpayers everywhere, especially those on the wrong medication.

The good news is the Mounties may be able to get some pretty good leads over soup and a sandwich.

Turns out their cafeteria at RCMP headquarters in Montreal is run by Buffet Trio, the family catering company of Joe Morselli.

Morselli is also the former Liberal bagman named in last week's bombshell Adscam allegations that the sponsorship program was rife with kickbacks, bid-rigging and money-laundering.

We know of nothing illegal about Morselli's contract to provide munchies to the Mounties. It's just the idea of the RCMP investigating the hand that feeds them is, well, a bit delicious.

Last week, Montreal advertising executive Jean Brault testified that his firm, Groupaction, used phony invoices to launder over $1 million worth of sponsorship funds into Liberal party pockets through Morselli and others in return for over $40 million in government ad contracts.

In one case, Brault testified, he paid Morselli $50,000 to help Groupaction keep a lucrative advertising contract with the federal Justice Department.

Sorry Mr. MacKay.


Mike said...

The "police" were raking it in, too.

"The RCMP also received more than $3 million from the disgraced sponsorship program, some of it channelled through a non-government bank account."

The Mounties always get their man... or even 30,000 of them, if pictures of Robert Borden count.

Mike said...

headsonpikes from BC is one of my favourite FR contributors.

"This rotten Liberal regime corrupted everything it touched - including the RCMP.

"A straight diet of schadenfreude will wear thin as we see our nation and its institutions shamed over the next while.

"Shamed for re-electing these gangsters; shamed for being so gullible as to believe their shining rhetoric; and shamed for tolerating the liquidation of our history and culture to serve the ends of the Canadian State."

Anonymous said...

Careful what you say Dudley Do-Right and company! Their drugs would look good on your person, ha, ha! Now that would be a "speed trap". Remember the controversy in the 70's under comrade Trudeau when they were caught selling coke? Perhaps Margaret was cutting back and they had to get rid of the leftovers.