Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wait for the surprise ending before rushing to judgment


Anonymous said...


Siamese Twins with apologies to Siam!

The ND’s “sold their soul” to the Libs.

That would be the “The devil they know”,

On “principle”,

For ‘”The benefit of Canadians and the environment”.

And "For the children"

But that then “begs the question”,

Can the ND’s “marriage of convenience”

Now be known as “same sex marrriage”

Or “a coalition of the willing”,

Living in “a house of cards”

Or “ a den of iniquity”

Owned by “Canada’s natural governing party”
with “their partner in crime?”

By propping up “the corrupt Liberal government”
are they now “thick as thieves”!

If an election is called both parties will be "dead ducks in the water”

Because as Pauly says "let me be very, very clear"
that “when the pony dies the ride is over”!!

Oh yes, I almost forgot,
God Bless George Bush and Fox News,
“Fair and Balanced”

Mike said...

"Keep the faith."