Friday, April 29, 2005

Socialist redistribution

Utilitarianism rears its ugly, ugly head. Where do you draw the line? A healthy person will soon be required by law to give up their organs to save the life of another. Those 'in need', as determined by those with a monopoly over the guns, have a claim to my property as it is now, so what's to stop them from tampering with my most fundamental piece of property - my body? I am reminded of "Brave New World" too often these days. From the cbc:

Using in vitro fertilization to create a baby that might cure sick siblings was ruled legally acceptable by Britain's highest appeal court on Thursday.

The Law Lords upheld a Court of Appeal ruling in 2003 that said some couples using fertility treatment could get their embryos screened for tissue matches for gravely ill children.

Anti-abortion groups had challenged the ruling, alleging it would encourage the creation of human beings "to provide spare parts for another."

Supporters say the ruling may help save desperately ill children.