Thursday, April 21, 2005

See how they gloat

Although Montreal and Ottawa pledge to continue their lobbying efforts for the new Shriners hospital, it seems more than likely that London will get the hospital as this dirty little city received the unanimous support of the Shriners. This is welcomed news for children and also for those seeking jobs in the medical field here. Alas, it doesn't spell good news for those of us disgruntled with council, as they are sure to emphasize this 'accomplishment' again and again, especially during election time. Bad things are the fault of the province but good things are the result of council's good business sense.

"This really is an historical moment for this community," London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco said. "It says that we can really make things happen in this community."

I hereby announce the first London Fog caption contest - picture below. Post your submissions in comments. The winner will receive a copy of the photo from today's London Free Press, smeared with the substance of your choice. We'll even pay for postage.

Apparently the little slip of paper that Anne-Marie is holding up to the Shriners sign reads "Sold to Shriners."


Anonymous said...

Smells a little fishy.

MapMaster said...

Anne Marie's "Dead Shriner Clapping" hat is the latest must-have for municipal governess generals.

"And it tastes just like butter!"

Bruce Strang said...

"Yippeee! And afterwards I get to ride in the little car!!"

Anonymous said...

"Pussy control"