Sunday, April 24, 2005

Red ink spilled…

What was I thinking? Opposition to waste, fraud and corruption is clearly no match for the political and philosophical acumen of sloganeering Liberal Party groupies. In response to a heartfelt and genuinely moving plea to the subterranean grassroots of the Canadian ovine community, non-official Liberals across the country are standing up for the uniquely Canadian value of being robbed, bootlicked and kicked in the a-s repeatedly and with righteous abandon.

The Liberal Party of Canada would like to invite the participation of you, our members, in a grassroots consultation exercise, with the goal of answering the oh-so-simple question of “what it means to be a Liberal in the 21st century” and/or “why you should feel confident about the future of the Liberal Party, and of Canada.”
[The Top Ten Reasons It’s Great to Be a Liberal, Liberal Party of Canada]
A random sample of the overwhelming anti-anti-Canadian response includes:

I admit the last slogan confuses me, but I can only assume that it means that that special specimen of Canadian that can accurately regurgitate trivial election facts without analysis or insight is a particularly valuable anti-Canadian slayer.

Hat tip to the ever vigilant Darcey of Dust My Broom.

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