Friday, April 15, 2005

Random occurrences…

Pit bulls are a breed so dire that it requires the Ontario government's intervention to protect us from random life occurrences. Non-Ontarians can perish in the jaws of mini-Cujos! Or… they can have their lives saved by other random life occurrences:

A red chow was on top of Angie Pecoraro, 22, in her yard on Monday when two pit bulls jumped over a fence and fought off the chow, Nebraska Humane Society spokeswoman Pam Wiese said. Witnesses said the chow had bitten Pecoraro several times on her hands, arms and stomach
Pecoraro wouldn't have had to worry about being a poster-child for pit bulls here — only popularly demonized random occurrences are going to be banned by the provincial Liberals.

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darcey said...

well dude...Liberals feel that people are intrinsicly bad along with their children. It is only a natural liberal progression that people's pets become evil as well. That is logic. I don't understand why you would argue with that. Whats wrong with you - get real