Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Porta-Potty that never gets cleaned out


What can I say beyond what I already posted last year? The annual ritual of legalized, systemic American government income theft continues.

I paid federal income taxes this year not because I wanted to "compensate" the government for the "services" it renders to me (services I did not ask for) and not because I support what the government does. I did it simply because I don't want to get arrested, jailed, and fined for not paying. I do it out of the fear of lost liberty. I do it because my life is threatened if I don't.

If I catch any friends, family, or co-workers getting excited over or looking forward to their refunds, I'll do my best to talk them down from their happiness without being a prick [. . . . ]

Reamed and driven insane by over 300 pages of directions and regulations and exemptions and definitions and other bullshit. This is the result of a semi-organic process that hasn't been effectively checked since it's inception. It is the Porta-Potty that everyone uses to shit in and never gets cleaned out. Small distractions like Bush's tax cuts don't mean squat in the face of this out of control monster that destroys wealth, impairs production, and fuels the socialists on the Left and the Right.

I'd rather be without all the so-called benefits of taxation. I'd rather keep my money and spend it on the things I consider necessary and the things I merely want. I'd rather not have portions of my income and my investments diverted without my permission, and certainly not at all towards things that have absolutely no relevance to the limited government ideas embodied in the US Constitution. I'd rather Americans stop begging for the money taken from others and stand up and take responsibility for themselves.