Tuesday, April 5, 2005


My grandfather didn't land at Dieppe and spend three years under German hospitality so that a bunch of gangsters-under-color-of-law could hijack our government, get busted on what is doubtless just one side project, and then get away with strategically timing the release of evidence against them while we worry about whether linking is now illegal.

Would the Party be so stupid as to dig themselves in further by using their police to suppress knowledge of their depredations? You guys are finished. Don't bring the mechanism of law that you have already abused into the ground into further disrepute. Leave with a few shreds of dignity.

In order for a citizenry to remain at liberty, they have to know what their government is doing, and the press needs to report it without fear of government reprisal. The notion that Brault's rights had to be protected over the rights of all Canadian citizens is not only ludicrous but a false choice at its heart.
By the way, My Aisling has taken over BBG's list of forbidden hyperlinks (HT: Ian)