Friday, April 29, 2005

Party bribes to make London crappier

Yesterday I asked where the bread was to go with our new "creative cities" circuses. I forgot that food was a federal matter. According to today's People's Post, the following Party bribes are on offer for Deforest City:

  • London: $45,000 for a food bank
  • London: $149,563 for a new shelter for homeless youth
Now, I live in the neighborhood that used to host the "shelter for homeless youth", an institution knows as the "Cross Zone".

I'll never give another dime to the Salvation Army as long as I live, after seeing how they pat themselves on the back for providing opportunities for violent, mentally retarded young criminals to hang around unsupervised, smoke dope, drink, shoplift, and trade tips on how to properly beat someone up. Fortunately for all concerned we were able to get rid of it. But now the Party wants to build another home for this scum and chase business and decent people out of whichever neighborhood the Salvation Army chooses to victimize next with their vain compassion.

Alas, it's a lot easier to ignore the beggars with the red kettles than it is to ignore the Red Party's demands for funds with which to ruin our neighborhoods.