Saturday, April 9, 2005

Our MPs deserve more

And all this time I thought they were guiding the plebeians out of a sense of moral duty. How naive of me. Obviously, if our poor over worked MPs must resort to shoplifting they're not being paid enough.

Members of Parliament have quietly pocketed a $3,000 pay hike for this year, bringing their basic salary to $144,000 annually.
How modest of them not to make a big deal out of this. Are you sure that's enough guys? I mean, when you're earning a base rate of only $141,000, isn't $3,000 mere pocket change?
The April 4 increase is tied to the annual pay raise for the chief justice of the Supreme Court and would not have been possible under a new formula for MPs' salaries that the House of Commons is scheduled to approve next week.

The increase prompted Winnipeg Tory MP Vic Toews -- a former attorney-general and corporate lawyer -- to suggest pay rates for MPs should be set according to the cost of living in their ridings.
I agree, $144 000 might be enough to survive on for some hick representing a backward rural shanty riding, but some of these guys are corporate lawyers who've become accustomed a certain standard of living. They're making big time sacrifices for us. They must meet important people and can't be seen pulling into a meeting in a Toyota Echo. What would the billionaires they represent think - that these guys are mere public servants?
Speaker Peter Milliken sent a memo to all MPs on April 4 advising them of the 2.2% increase based on a controversial formula that links salaries of MPs and senators to the salary of the Supreme Court of Canada chief justice.
. . .
Under the latest salary and allowance hikes, Mr. Martin, a millionaire in his own right from his Canada Steamship Lines shipping empire, will receive $288,200 in parliamentary pay for the next year.
And to add insult to injury , our poor Prime Minister and his clan of Liberals (who, as we all know, are not the same party as the Chrétien gang) didn't even benefit from all that sponsorship money going around. Damn it, life just isn't fair - these guys need pay equity now, open up the coffers Ottawa and pay up!
Mr. Milliken, Mr. Harper and Cabinet ministers will receive $213,200.
That's really sad for Mr. Harper, he's always out there slugging away for us in the Opposition. But then, it must be really hard to find some reason to criticize The Party - I suppose that's why we don't hear too much from him.
NDP leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe will be paid $193,300 each.
It must be hardest of all on poor socialist Mr. Layton. Imagine the stuggles he must face in his conscience knowing that some of his comrades are paid so little for their efforts, especially in light of the fact that "among the 10% of families with the lowest earnings, average income was $10,341 in 2000." It must tear apart Mr. Layton's heart everytime he accepts a pay cheque with this in mind.