Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ooga Booga

Terrance Corcoran:

We have bureaucrats and politicians who plan to control the weather for the next 100 years, crazy enough in itself. The weather will be held in check by agencies that count and limit the carbon molecules in the atmosphere. And the carbon molecules will be manipulated by controlling all economic activity in the country, creating a "carbon economy" that will replace the money economy.

It's the kind of freaky scientific world view alchemists might have concocted back in the 14th century, if they hadn't been so busy looking for a Philosopher's Stone that would turn everything into gold. The alchemists gave up when they were hit in the face with the scientific method, which suggested that maybe they should base their conclusions on science and observation rather than magic and quackery. The New Alchemists aim to hold the weather constant by juggling carbon emissions.
Kyoto backers who are serious about appeasing the water spirits so the seas won't boil should know there are already many time tested technologies out there that can be used to help save the planet and improve the disposition of the gods.

Like the "greenhouse effect", chanting prayers for favourable weather while shaking magic beads and wearing a bone through the nose has never, ever had its effectiveness disproven.

Please try harder to placate the angry nature spirits with such simple and obvious methods first, before you go sacrificing huge parts of the harvest to atone for drawing breath.