Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One Tonne of Crap

When I first read about the planned drive-through at a local beer store here in London, I figured there would be an uproar eventually. You know, unsubstantiated claims such as convenience entails abuse and promotes drunk driving and similar nonsense. I admit I didn't quite expect this approach, although I should have expected it. Selectively published by The London Free Press:

Drive-through beer plan adds pollution

Regarding the article, Drive-through offers suds-on-the-run (April 15).

The federal government has spent a lot of money advertising its "One-Tonne Challenge" in which participants are asked to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne (equivalent to the volume of a two-storey, three-bedroom house).

One of the main reduction ideas is to reduce vehicle idling time by 10 minutes a day, thus reducing emissions by a tonne over a year.

So why does the provincial government see fit to undo all the efforts of many Canadians who have reduced their idling times wherever possible, by encouraging people to sit in an idling car, waiting for their beer?

Are drive-though beer customers going to pay a premium to help clean up the extra emissions they create?

Come on, Ontarians, wake up and smell the air. Let's not contribute any more than we must to poor environmental choices.

S. L. Miller

Do you use the Tim Horton's drive-through Ms. Miller? Do you drive a car? Do you advocate a return to the days of horses and buggies? Nomads are perhaps the focus of your fantasies?

The government does not 'encourage' people to act in certain ways when they put the gun away and let people decide for themselves what they value and will pay for - the absence of regulation is not anarchy and mayhem. The One Tonne Challenge is an advertising campaign that immediately brings to mind a recent Liberal run campaign promoting Canadian unity = Adscam. Beware of the apologists for Stalin in disguise as environmentalists.

Image courtesy of Cox and Forkum. Thanks to Publius of the Gods for posting the image to his blog.