Saturday, April 23, 2005

Moral Obscenity


In terms of financing government revenues virtually every western nation uses a system of progressive taxation, the more you make the more you pay disproportionate to your income. Given that there are far more "poor" than "rich," it makes perfect electoral sense to have as great a share of the cost of government as possible borne by a small minority, rather than by the great majority. The rich in Canada pay far more into government coffers than they will ever receive in way of services. To unbiased eyes this would be a tremendous injustice. Why should a small minority be compelled to work, without recompense, for the majority and to be damned as greedy and selfish in the process as well?
commenting on the following story:
The government agency found that the 10 per cent of Canadian tax filers in the highest income bracket paid 52.6 per cent of the total federal personal income tax in 2002, up from 46 per cent in 1990.
Ayn Rand, from "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal":
It is morally obscene to regard wealth as an anonymous, tribal project and to talk about "redistributing" it. The view that wealth is the result of some undifferentiated, collective process, that we all did something and it's impossible to tell who did what, therefore some sort of equalitarian "distribution" is necessary - might have been appropriate in a primordial jungle with a savage horde moving boulders by crude physical labor (though even there someone had to initiate and organize the moving). To hold that view in an industrial society - where individual achievements are a matter of public record - is so crass an evasion that even to give it the benefit of the doubt is an obscenity.