Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A model Tory

Shortly, in fact the same day, after the news came out that Pat O'Brien was considering jumping the Liberal ship, rat-style, to the Conservatives, he calls Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte a "blonde bimbo" and has to apologize.

Yeah, sounds like he would make a great addition to the Conservative party. He's got the timing of politically stupid remarks down pat.

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And here's Pat serving it up with London Liberal MPP Khalil Ramal just last year — it's all fun and games until your party gets caught making off with the cooler.


Mike Brock said...

But Sarmite Bulte is a blonde bimbo! I live in her riding, and I'm becoming increasingly interested in her relationship with Alliance Atlantis Communications; something I'll be sure to bring up with her in the pending election.

I conveniently live directly adjacent her constituency office, too. Literally. Oh, the fun I'll be having ...

MapMaster said...

Oh, I'm not saying she isn't a blonde bimbo — in fact, I figured it was quite likely. But you're implying that Pat O'Brien has good judgment — at times, maybe, but he's got that bad habit of saying somehthing the media will pounce on at inopportune times — yeah, I guess he is a Conservative!

Have fun with Bulte — I'm looking forward to what you do. This whole business seems to be good the ol' blogging adrenaline. We're going to have some fun ourselves with Joe (Tough Guy) Fontana, Sue Barnes and Pat O'Brien, no matter what party he ends up with. Hint: local candidate debates are great places for candidates to show their worst faces.