Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Minding your business on the net"

If you maintain a website, keep a blog, chat on IRC or other Internet "chat rooms," you should be very concerned about a private corporation in the United States called Cyveillance [. . .]

. . it appears that Cyveillance is simply offering a service to corporations to assist them with copyright infringments, theft of data, and protection of trademarks. But this is definitely not all they do. According to their website, the not only monitor HTTP (website) traffic, but they also monitor IRC and Chat rooms. [. . .]

. . . on the Government Solutions, one of their selling points is "Assisting in compliance activities such as monitoring for whistleblower information." [. . .]

As well as IRC and Web spidering, Cyveillance also claims to spider FTP sites. According to J.D. Meadows who operates the Cyveillance Exposed website, his logs show evidence that not only did the Cyveillancebot spider available content, but also tried to search the hard drive for other files and directories.
Just go read the whole article courtesy of Security and Privacy.