Saturday, April 30, 2005

Little hostages

In comments to Kate's exactly-on-point caption, CodeTech:

The Soviet Union had free daycare, so that all workers could work.

While they were at it, it was yet another propagandization time, taking advantage of the fact that kids talk a lot.

"Anything odd happening at home? Anyone? Any of your parents unhappy with communism? If so, let us know... we'll make things better for you. Extra cookies!"

"Now... who knows the greatest system of government? Pavel? Yes, correct, socialism! If it wasn't for socialism, you'd be spending your days in the gutter looking for pennies. Instead, you are indoors learning glorious socialist principals, such as voting liberal and trading your country for free health care."


Anonymous said...

As a grandparent I now look at my well educated children with good jobs and careers struggling to build up enough equity to not only retire in comfort but also be able to pay for their children's university education, as I and their stay-at-home mom were able to do.

Unfortunately they both have to work and ship off their infants to daycare to maintain their career paths. Daycare, the new viral cesspool that will weed out the unfit.

I remember when the Iron Curtain was drawn across Europe and local communists were trumpeting the great socialist experiment in mother Russia where mothers were given medals for bearing children to replenish the population after the Nazi holocaust. And yes, I remember the pictures of the Soviet nurseries stocked with babies in sterile cribs and lying there helpless and undernurtured. I was a teenager then and living at home with my parents and only Dad worked.

So I asked myself, what has happened to our wonderful Free Enterprise Society that requires new parents to abandon their newborn into Soviet-style childcare? What's happening to us?

Simple, we are sharing our economy with the World and in particular with the low wage Asian economies where value-added productive jobs are going from our economy. We are left with non-productive service and knowledge-based jobs that have little if no value-added component to them. This is an economic death spiral of no return for us.

The result is only the highly educated can earn a decent wage while the remainder are grease jockeys or working at WalMart. No wonder the birth rate amongst the lower classes is declining while immigrants from Asian and Muslim countries are pouring in to fill the population gap.

That, boys and girls is why we are going to Hell in a handbasket and the end result will either be a warring, ghettoized society or a totalitarian state preceded by a racial civil war. My bet is the native population will go out in a whimper by 2050, when I will have reached the age of 125.

Anonymous said...

Mike wrote about how the Soviet Union had free daycare...

Here's some more information on the socialist history of daycare.