Friday, April 15, 2005

Liberal Logic

Looks like I might be eating my words ..."Although unlikely such a ridiculous bill will be passed..."

A movement in Ontario to make it a human rights violation to charge women more than men for haircuts, toiletries and dry cleaning picked up steam Thursday.

The legislature approved in principle a Canadian first: a bill that would fine merchants up to $5,000 for asking more to trim women's hair than men's or more to dry clean a blouse than a shirt.

"It's something that makes common sense, to charge the same price to women or to men for the same good or service," said Lorenzo Berardinetti, a Liberal government backbencher who proposed a private member's bill he says mirrors laws in New York, Miami and California.

Private member's bills rarely make it into law. But Berardinetti's passed second reading Thursday and will be sent to a legislative committee for public hearings.
Common sense?? Not in my world Berardinetti! Just how are you to determine when a merchant violates the law? If it's too expensive, then people will shop elsewhere - that's common sense.
Berardinetti, a rookie politician, is also a rookie husband. He says he did not realize the extent of the differing prices for men and women until he went shopping for cologne and clothing with his new wife, Michelle.

"I soon learned what gender tax was all about," he said.

"It's my wife, it's her fault."
Ladies! You should be up in arms, as Beradinetti is playing into stereotypes here! His wife has expensive tastes no doubt but he wants to sock more away for himself by forcing price controls onto the rest of us. Like a good little dog, he is trying to use his petty power to get laid enforce the Liberal notion of 'fairness':
Michelle Berardinetti told reporters Thursday she too quickly tired of watching her husband pay less for everything from deodorant to suits and haircuts.

"When it's brought to your attention, it's like 'Wow, that's amazing, I can't believe that,' " she said.

"It's the same as a racial issue or something. When it's brought in your face, then you start to realize it." [. . .]

It would make Ontario's Human Rights Commission the channel for complaints by women who feel they were discriminated against at the cash register.

"The commission can actually investigate on its own, and it has a whole process in place for doing that," said Berardinetti.

The Opposition Conservatives say the commission has more important issues to deal with than determining if a blouse is the same as a shirt or if a man's short-back-sides is the same as a woman's up-do.

But that didn't stop politicians from all stripes debating Thursday how a ban on gender-based pricing would work.

Some critics warned that it could result in higher prices for everyone, an idea that Berardinetti rejected.

"I think that if I was a dry cleaner or if I had a hair salon, I would compete," he said.

"Those that offer the best prices are going to get the most business."
It's call the free market moron and has nothing to do with the Human Rights Commission. Merchants and consumers alike should be lining up to protest this proposed violation of their rights. Never mind the sponsorship scandal folks. There are more important issues to worry about, like the creation of red light districts, legalized prostitution and brothels. We have to ensure that the ladies can afford to deck themselves out in an appropriate manner so that the males won't be disappointed.

I did a quick google search for Michelle Berardinetti and it would appear that this isn't the first time she has used her husband's influence to further her feminist agenda. There was some recent fuss over an ad put out by Bell Canada. The rabble are not impressed:
The ad read “you'll do anything to protect your kids from inappropriate content. So will we.” It featured a drawing of a female figure from what appeared to be a children's science textbook. The breasts, vulva, ovaries and uterus appeared to have been slashed away with an Exacto blade [. . .]

Bell didn't find the ad offensive; its intention was to poke fun at over protective parents, etc. etc. Their official line was, “Our advertisement was a tongue-in-cheek attempt to show the lengths some people will go to in order to protect their children from 'inappropriate' subject matter” — the implication being that textbook diagrams of the human anatomy are the furthest thing from “inappropriate.”[. . .]

Berardinetti presented a petition against the ad in the Ontario Legislature, stating:

“We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to forward a copy of this advertisement to the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services and the Ministry of the Attorney General for review and possible legal action against Bell Canada Sympatico and its agents.” [. . .]

Michelle Berardinetti agrees.

“I'm happy the ad was pulled”, she says. “But now I'd like to see them do a gender positive ad, and revise their advertising policy. They need to promise that this sort of thing doesn't happen again.”


Mike said...

Socialism requires the distinction between the freely chosen and the forced choice be made as blurry as possible. For example:

'"I soon learned what gender tax was all about," he said.'

A tax, of course, is levied by people with guns and the authority to use them, and one has no option but to pay or be menaced by guns.

On the other hand, however unfair it may appear to this dimwit and his dimwife, they have the option of taking their business elsewhere if they don't like the price sheet.

But to a socialist, what matters is not whether someone freely chose something or was compelled by fear of purposeful harm by another. If that were on their moral radar screen they would not be socialists in the first place.

As much as I would like to remove the Berardinettis from my breadline, they remain on it by force of law.

I can fire a real supplier of real value any time by not buying any more of his goods. But my taxes fund the continued parasitic existence of the Berardinettis even though I rather insist they take steps to get real, respectable jobs.

basil said...

Once the the Party has programed a generation to be transgender - much like Barney - effeminate appearance and a male voice with very few recognizably human traits - this sort of gender distiction will no longer be an issue. This will be achieved through universal daycare which will next move from being a 'right' to being compulsory.
I recommend the party issue shears to everyone - shears don't distinguish sex - and we can all have exactly the same hair cut. As well, all citizens should be issued army surplus uniforms to eliminate the costs which go into designing gender specific fashions. There being a shortage of Canadian secondhand military fashions, I'm sure North Korea would be happy to make some extra money selling us their hand-me-downs.

Mike said...

Great discussion over at Andrew Coyne's, with a comment that could be a goof talking point for the Hanfsturmgruppe.

"One hopes that they will bring in exciting life expectancy legislation to make sure that men and women die at the same age.

"After all the age one dies at has to be more important then their hair cut?

"So if the average male is killed by our hateful and discriminating society at the age of 67 make it the same for women. EQUALITY!"