Friday, April 15, 2005

Kyoto is just the beginning

If it cannot be banned because it poses a health risk, then look no futher than the environment:

Check your children's toy box. A rifle made in China and sold in Nova Scotia has been recalled because it poses a threat to the environment.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said soil contained inside the toy's handle could spill out, releasing destructive insects or bacteria that could spread into crops and forests.

The agency said it's issuing this advisory due to the risk posed to the environment, rather than any risk to human health.

The Toy Clicker brand rifle, sold at Dollarama stores, is stamped with the term "Super Gun" and has a stylized wildcat outline.

Consumers who purchased the rifles are being asked to return them to the stores where they were purchased.

Importation of soil from outside Canada and the United States is prohibited, to stop the introduction of new pests.
That's discriminatory though! What's wrong with Chinese soil? And you guys are the ones helping China by signing the Kyoto accord, as China is exempt and thereby gains a trading advantage.

It's like the environment has more rights than human beings these days. Take note: it is a toy gun here that Nanny is banning. You figure that has anything to do with the fuss?