Thursday, April 28, 2005

How did London become so twisted?

Here's a great idea from Joni Baechler to reduce the tax burden for Londoners. Gain 'London Points' that can be applied to your tax bill for racking up debt. How appropriate an idea for debt-ridden London:

Swiping a credit card could soon take a bite out of your property taxes in London. Board of control lent its support to a suggestion by Coun. Joni Baechler that the city look at issuing the so-called 'Municard' -- a credit card that gives a break on property taxes every time it's used.

"I'm really happy the board likes it because it could become a powerful tool for people to pay their taxes," Baechler said.
No, I did not make this up.
The Municard is a registered trademark of the Richmond Hill-based company Civic Strategies Inc.

London deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell said yesterday he likes the idea, saying it's possible the city could also receive a royalty.

"You can get credit cards that pay you points to buy a car or travel, why not have points you can collect to pay toward your taxes?"

Cont. Russ Monteith was also interested, but skeptical.

"I'd like to know if it's going to cost us (the city)," Monteith said. "It's fine that it's going to give taxpayers a break, but who would pay for that? I want to know."
No word is too vile or sacred to level at these bumbling idiots. Of course it is going to cost money and it won't be coming out of the pocket of council. As Gosnell suggests, "it's possible the city could also receive a royalty." When the 'city' rakes in 'surpluses' and 'windfalls', (our money), in true Liberal style they lavish their buddies with the spoils. When in financial trouble, they increase our tax rate, blaming it all on downloading, hoping people will be too stupid to realize they have been robbed and cheated twice over by 'the city'.


basil said...

What an amazing idea! I can divert my property tax into luxury items for myself, and stick the stiffs who can barely afford a house with the bill.

Suck my ass working stiffs!

Anonymous said...

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MapMaster said...

Suggestion #1: Don't vote for the crooks who are taking your money in the first place.

Suggestion #2: I don't know who to contact about the card, but you could try city hall — one of your ward councillors or somebody else.