Tuesday, April 12, 2005

He's Back!

Raskolnikov is back and in fine form! He's making appearances over at Dust my Broom.

Raskolnikov cannot help but to write and his readers are all the richer for it. Be sure to check out his latest rants. My withdrawal symptoms are disappearing...

A sample:

On the topic of Terry Nelson and David Ahenakew:

. . . accusing Jews of running the media outlets of an
entire country is a legit comment worthy of reflection, because you know, maybe it’s actually true. Even if it isn’t, it makes me look pretty profound

Yet, the possibility that some people may not want to work with or hand over ventures to an anti-Semitic criminal is not worthy of reflection, let alone consideration, and deserves a knee-jerk response on how the offended people are really just racist and, ergo, punishing an Indian for speaking his mind.
And from another post on the same topic, which I consider to be one of Raskolnikov's best:
It looks like the radical left’s investment in the Aboriginal community is finally paying off. While aboriginal students across the country study the evil ways of Europeans, imbibing lefty saints like Foucault and Said, the Big Pimp Indians are laying the foundation of absurd logic and hatred that the left needs in place to perpetuate future generations of dissent [. . .]

I have watched for years now as the agit-prop side of the Aboriginal Rights industry — the young men and women emerging from higher education and ostensibly working for ‘their people” — has become more and more radical, going from demanding fulfillment of treaties, basic equality and the occasional roadblock, to an indymedia-inspired view of their universe, where race-based ideas and delusional conspiracy theories dominate, where flirtation with violence and disobedience is encouraged and any and all suffering is no longer an individual experience with the possibility of relief via individual initiative, but a communistic misery shared by all “minorities” at the hands of Europeans, capitalists, Jews, Neocons et all.

The answer to this misery of course is simple — like Che Guevara says, revolution will occur whenever someone starts……….. a revolution. It’s implicit. All you need to do is man the barricades; the rest will follow as day follows night. Sadly, no one told Che that a better simile was that hoping for natural revolution to ignite the moment someone hurls the first brick through a Starbuck’s window is like hoping the ability to fly will follow after you push a man off a cliff [. . .]

In reality, they are merely the latest tools of the radleft. Feminists had their turn, so did gays and lesbians; workers and peasants were the old-school OP’s (Original Puppets); Blacks, Hispanics and Arabs also have their radicals hiding behind Das Kapital; the handicapped, the obese, the ugly, the height/width/limb-ally challenged and whatever other special needs groups are out there have had, or will have, their moments. In the last decade, the radleft singled Aboriginals out as their next target.

And since the radleft’s agenda includes many of the inherent beliefs that already pollute my people — victimhood, projection, blamelessness — the appeal is great, if only for the fact that such an agenda validates the inherent beliefs and turns these negative principles, which should be overcome through logical debate, self-responsibility and pride, into a complete and seemingly impregnable aggregate of ‘absolute truth’, at least to the “reality-immersed’ section of society.

And like other various radleft systems, if the ignorance and hatred sucks a few innocent bystanders into its vortex — be they the kulaks and merchants of Russia, the eternal scapegoats of Israel, the reasonable voices of many stripes and colours demonized as fascists because they ask for footnotes to the hate-filled rants, to name but a few — so be it. In the name of the greater good, a million casualties is just a statistic.

Or, to again paraphrase Uncle Joe, to make bannock, one has to fry a little lard.